weird.. tumblr is acting up kinda :/


i’m just randomly complaining into the void of tumblr :/

So my girlfriend reblogged a post of mine and it didn’t show up in my dash, nor in the posts notes, nor in my activity as being re-blogged. Yet it is on her blog, plus another recent post of hers didn’t show up in my dash. And I am…

Eh, tumblr is just having its period~

I’m sure it’ll catch up eventually =D

Squeee >w<


Alice collections is amazing. So far I’ve had great customer service.

My first order was a doll family H Zhuang Qi head.
Which I chose to ship to me in Canada, cause I got confused entering my girlfriend’s address (I didn’t know her province in the Netherlands)

Then a week later I made another…



I can’t wait until Ivy comes in! >w<

My, err, very, VERY early xmas present! XD

AC always has great customer service, which is why I love to deal with them >w<



Means we gotta finally figure out a clothing style for her.


It’s been forever since I put a picture up~

So I decided to create a random set up and to just go with it XD

Ava dressed in a Kimono~ As for the one under the hood… Up for you to decide~? =D


"When my Imperial thief did ‘A Night to Remember’ and was recovering the goat stolen from Rorikstead, she got attacked by a dragon partway through.  I can’t get over the mental image of a hungover Dragonborn yelling at a dragon to come back later because they’re in the middle of something."

- Image credit: [x]

Oh God yes xD


There are few friends who threatened to disown me if I sold Aris.

I did

I am sorry. There is a big offer on him right now so that person will most likely will walk away with a doll.

It’s not the end of my pirate though…I will remake him in the future, probably same mold but I feel like I am…

I totally second Amaya, but yeah, your comment amused me xD

Will be waiting for the pictures when his ship returns again, though! XD


Guys I am not actually getting a rare doll…was I not subtle enough? XD
I’m preggers » Boyfriend won’t shut up so everyone would know sooner or later

Well! You’re certainly getting a limited doll then - Kleincrew brand xD
Good luck with it all! >w<

Glad nothing bad happened to you! :3


Hey guys. Sorry I am yet to reply to some messages. I am getting a lot of hugs and support. Yes something did happen but I am not comfortable talking publicly due to too many unpleasant individuals on tumblr who are ready to poounce. I am feeling sick and numb so have mercy and don’t message me…

Here are lotsa hugs! *showers with hugs* I hope you’ll feel better soon! >w